Joshua Hicks
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His legacy
A little boy, no longer a baby  
My beautiful boy I am sure you would be embarrassed by being called beautiful when you are a big 4 years old and if you was here now i can just imagining your reaction. Its sad that all i have is my imagination. Imagining what you would look like imagining what you would be doing how you would be speaking and how you would get on with your sisters. I hate that you never had a chance of a life to know what it feels like to walk on wet sand to paddle in a cold sea or to pick on your sisters. No one will ever know how brave or clever or funny you would have been. I miss you so much my only son. I will love you for ever and a day 'you are my sunshine' Love Mummy xxxxx
You made me strong  
Darling Joshua

When you fell asleep i didn't know how i was going to get through the next few hours never mind the following days and weeks but a month on and i am getting through it. It's not easy in fact its the hardest thing i have ever done and somedays i don't think i can do it, but i am getting through it and i am doing it, you are what keeps me going, you are my strength. 

I have had to some of the most painful, terrible things any new mummy should ever had to do but i have done them for you. I helped organise your funeral, i helped choose your headstone, i visit the cemetary everyday just for you. All these were so hard for me to do when i had only just given birth to you. 

Because of you my darling precious brave boy i have found a strength in me that i never knew i had, and i know that because i am getting through this i can get through anything else that life throws at me, there can't be anything worse than carrying a baby for 9 months and then having him pass silently away in your arms after only a few short hours.

I miss you being in my tummy and i miss you being in my arms.

I love you angel

Love Mummy
What Joshua gave his Mummy  

In the short time he was here Joshua made me feel pure joy and showed me what unconditional love is like. He is a bond between me and his Daddy Paul that will never break or fade.

Joshua left me with such heartbreak but also with such a deep love for a little boy that will never grow tall or get old or be ill and one that will never be forgotten.

I love you baby boy

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